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Experience the Rhythmic Journey

Become a Tabla Player through professional lessons

Nabin Shrestha

Nabin Shrestha, a notable face amongst the Coloradans, is a classical tabla virtuoso. His consistently brilliant and exciting performances have established him as a prominent percussionist in Nepal and the US. He has a deep understanding of different traditional styles of tabla playing and tonal quality. This makes him particularly capable of collaborating seamlessly with musicians and dancers from different genres of music.

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Tabla Lessons with Nabin

Not all students have the same goal or intention while learning Tabla. Some are interested in the vast repertoire of Tabla traditions, some want to master all the Talas(Rhythmic Cycles), and some want to learn to accompany Kirtan, Bhajan, and songs. In contrast, others want to study the language of Tabla to be a better drummer, percussionist or a musician.