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Nabin Shrestha, a notable face amongst the Coloradans, is a classical tabla virtuoso. His consistently brilliant and exciting performances have established him as a prominent percussionist in Nepal and the US. He has a deep understanding of different traditional styles of tabla playing and tonal quality. This makes him particularly capable of collaborating seamlessly with musicians and dancers from different genres of music.

At the age of eight, Nabin was introduced to the world of music and rhythm through the tabla. He was trained in the tabla through meticulous guidance from Guru Shree Rabin Lal Shrestha and through inspiration from his brother, Rajendra Shrestha. To this day, he views himself as a learner in an ever-expanding exploration of the beauty in musical interpretation. Nabin was awarded an ICCR scholarship to complete a Master’s degree in Music from Gandharva Music University, where he was awarded the Shri Hari Om Trust Award for the highest score. During his training in India, he received an opportunity to further develop his knowledge with some of the greatest musical masters such as Ustaad Shri Faiyaaz Khan and Shri Tansen Shrivastav. Upon completion of his education at Gandharva, Nabin trained with the greatest tabla maestro of all time, Taalmani Pandit Sureshji Talwalkar, in Mumbai.

After returning to Nepal, Nabin became a successful performing and recording artist. His original albums include Raaganubhuti (Hindustani Classical), Murchchhana (Jazz Fusion), and Re-drums (Traditional Nepali Drums and Tabla). He was the founder of Murchchhana, a Jazz classical fusion band. Nabin also taught music at Tribhuvan University.

Nabin currently resides in Colorado, where he teaches music and performs regularly. He has conducted workshops, lectures, and demonstrations at Colorado College, University of Denver, University of Northern Colorado, University of Colorado Boulder, Naropa University, and the University of New Mexico. He is a founder of Jam Key Jam, a classical fusion band that performs Hindustani music, traditional Nepali music, and fusion. Nabin continues to collaborate with amazing artists from around the world.

Texas program
# 4 Rhythm of Tabla Swallow Hill April 23, 2022
DU performance
Performance at JLF
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